What is ColoradoEd?
ColoradoEd is a family of tuition-free, online public charter schools for students in grades K-12 who reside in the state of Colorado. Colorado Digital Academy (CODA) is one of ColoradoEd’s schools serving students in grades K-8. We use state-of-the-art technology and curriculum to deliver individualized learning plans customized to each child’s own unique learning requirements. In addition, as an online public school, CODA provides the structure, administrative support, oversight, accountability and state testing required of all public schools.
What Does It Cost to Attend CODA?
CODA is FREE. Since we are an online public charter school, there is no tuition. However, families are required to pay for are a few simple consumable materials, such as ink or toner for your printer and paper.
Who Can Enroll in CODA?
CODA is open to students in grades K-8 who reside in the state of Colorado.
Is CODA Ideal for all Students?
Since CODA is an online public charter school, we accept all students in grades K-8 who reside in Colorado. Although our educational program may be ideal for many, it is not the perfect solution for everyone. The students who benefit the most from CODA are those who are dedicated to academic achievement, attend classes regularly, complete all assignments on time, and have a parent or family member that is able to spend several hours actively engaged in the student’s education on a daily basis. Success at CODA, as in life, takes drive, determination, and hard work, but the return on your investment is invaluable.
What Schools Does ColoradoEd offer?
ColoradoEd is a family of online public charter schools that combines the best in quality, state-of-the-art education with the personalized learning and flexible scheduling. We offer the following educational choices:
  • Colorado Digital Academy Elementary School for students in grade K-8.
  • Elevate Academy for students in grades 7-12.
  • Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) for students in grades 9-12.
What Subjects does CODA offer?
CODA offers students in grades K-8 nearly 80 courses in the core subjects of language arts, math, science, history, music, and art, as well as courses in different world languages.
Does CODA Provide Curriculum for Children with Special Needs?
Yes. Depending on a child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), we can tailor our curriculum to meet his or her specific needs. For more information, please contact us at 877-586-8177.
Does CODA Provide Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials?
CODA provides all of the textbooks and instructional materials needed to complete each course. To make it easy and convenient for students and parents, each CODA family receives boxes of all the materials needed to complete each course delivered right to their door, at no cost to the family. These materials include textbooks, CDs, DVDs, videos and other hands-on tools and resources needed. Some materials provided are digital while others are physical, depending on the grade level the student is in. These materials complement the interactive online elements of our program, ensuring that students receive instruction using the best method for each subject
Does My Child Need a Computer and Internet Access to Attend CODA?
Since CODA is an online public charter school, students are required to have a computer system that meets the minimum system requirements as well as broadband Internet access. Minimum PC specifications:
  • Intel 1.8 GHz or faster processor (or equivalent).
  • 1GB or more of RAM.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 10.0 or Chrome 17.0 or higher.
Minimum MAC specifications:
    The minimum hardware recommendations for computers with a MAC operating system:
  • PowerPC G4 1 GHz or Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz or faster processor
  • 1GB or more of RAM
  • Firefox 10.0 or Chrome 17.0 or higher. Please note: Safari is not supported.
What Computer Skills are Required?
While our software is very intuitive and user-friendly, learning coaches/parents must have at least basic computer skills. Use of the computer is a vital part of our program. In early grades, typically it is the learning coach/parent who must interact with the computer the most. As students progress, they are required to use the computer more often.
Can My Child Use a Mobile Device to Attend?
Unfortunately, most portable devices such as tablets, smartphones and eReaders do not support the software products required to access CODA’s online materials. As such, a computer that meets the minimum system requirements outlined above must be used.
How Will My Child Interact with Teachers?
Depending on grade level at CODA, all students interact with one or more state-licensed teachers and communicate regularly with teachers through e-mail, telephone, and online meetings. This provides them ample opportunity to ask questions and collaborate with their teachers.
Can My Child Work at His or Her Own Pace?
Yes, however, they will be required to complete a year of academic achievement and more if they are currently behind. All courses are structured but a student may work during the time of day that works best for them. Students who meet expected engagement and appropriate growth goals can earn “flexibility,” and once the specific performance standards have been met, students are allowed more flexibility in pacing and scheduling.
How Much Time do Students Spend on the Computer?
CODA believes in a balanced approach towards education. Computers help us provide effective assessment, planning, and time-management tools for students and their learning coaches/parents. They can also serve as powerful tools to motivate, stimulate, and inform children about the world around them. Despite this, CODA also understands that computers do not replace a solid education. Computers only help facilitate that education. As such, CODA employs a unique multimedia approach that balances computer time with a number of different hands-on instructional materials, including well-written and engaging textbooks, workbooks, CDs, and videos. For K-8 students, on average, no more than 20% of their time is spent on the computer. Once students move into high school, computer time may be slightly higher depending on the student’s courses.
Can you Accommodate the Accelerated Learning Needs of my Gifted/Talented Child?
CODA is the ideal educational environment for accelerated students. All of our K-8 courses are mastery-based, enabling students to learn and advance at a rate that is optimal for them. This helps eliminate much of the frustration or boredom accelerated students can often experience in traditional school programs where classes are forced to advance together at the same pace. CODA has an outstanding gifted and talented program (GT). GT is an optional program that focuses on meeting the academic, emotional, and social needs of accelerated students.
How do Students get the social interaction they Need?
Throughout the year, CODA encourages students to participate in school outings, field trips, picnics, and other social events, including trips such as: museums, zoos, aquariums, dances, clubs, skate parts, and more. CODA urges students and parents in local communities to get together on a regular basis in their regions. CODA is also constantly exploring new ways for students, parents, and teachers all across Colorado to interact socially through technology, including online discussions and forums which are based on shared interests. For more information about upcoming CODA events, please visit our News and Events page.
Will CODA Intrude in my Home?
No, CODA does not require any home visits as part of our program. In addition, our program doesn’t use any sort of web camera or other recording device that might jeopardize your right to privacy or otherwise intrude in your home.
What Other Information Should I Consider Before Enrolling my Child?
Since CODA is an online public charter school, we adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Byers School District 32-J. Please visit the District’s website at http://www.byers32j.k12.co.us/ourdistrict. At CODA, we are committed to being your partner in providing your child with the quality education they deserve. Our teachers, administrators, and staff are here to answer any questions, address any concerns, and help you to determine if CODA is right for you and your child. We encourage you to call us at 877-586-8177, or send us an e-mail to learn more about our wonderful program and how we can help you give your child the bright future they deserve.